PAge Ads
  • Type:
    Art Direction, Illustration, Ideation, Hand lettering
The challenge

Page ads need to catch the reader’s eye. They need to communicate a need to the reader, and offer a solution. The page ads here were made for Rodale events, to sell subscriptions, and to rase awareness of a new magazine, Rodale’s Organic Life.

The solution

For Bicycling, we created a campaign that played on the idea that the bike was your ticket to freedom as a child. We sent this to current subscribers via email, and put page ads in the Bicycling magazine. Subscribers could send 2 free issues to a friend, with the goal of getting those friends to subscribe after the 2 issue deal was over. The ads for Rodale’s Organic Life were to create awareness for the new brand with beautiful imagery, and provide a url to subscribe when the magazine became available.

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