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    Ideation, Illustration, Photo Illustration, Design
The challenge

Design a visually engaging poster that gets attention, speaks to the subject and conveys event information.

The solution

The SouthSide Film Festival is a weekend of films in different venues in the Southside of Bethlehem PA. This poster blends the skyline of the Southside with a moth that has film for wings. This moth is used in all peripheral materials including tickets, passes, postcards and signage.

The Musikfest poster illustrates the energy and beauty of the creative thread of music. It concentrates in the head, heart and hands of the musician and is finally released from the instrument in the form of music. ArtsQuest used this artwork to promote Musikfest in all their print, and advertising pieces. The artwork was also applied to mugs, pins, tee-shirts and other merchandise.

  • SouthSide Film Festival
  • SouthSide Film Festival
  • SouthSide Film Festival
  • SouthSide Film Festival
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